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4th Conference


Total 20 Places

Portsmouth, Oxford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Islington, Hackney, Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset, Warrington, Southwark, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Lancashire, Chichester, Glasgow City, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton & Hove, Middlesbrough, Camden, Waltham Forest, City of London, Greenwich, Wigan, Rochdale, Otley, Bury, Bolton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Lewisham, Coventry

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We are delighted to provide details of our 4th Annual 20mph Conference.

The title of this event recognises that slower speeds contribute to a sense of "Place".

More than just a space but great places to live, work or play characterised by vibrant communities who respect each other's rights to get around safely.

We are particularly pleased with the excellent range of speakers presenting who can each provide real detail and experience in their specific areas.

We look forward to seeing you.


Why you should attend

The one day conference has been devised to cover technical, implementation and local campaign aspects of
20mph limits. It will also cover the benefits of 20mph on health. At the end of the conference, delegates have an
opportunity to a carry a technical site visit to Coventry City Centre 20mph zone.

Who should attend

  • Local politicians with a remit for transport and safety
  • Transport engineers
  • Transport planners
  • Urban street designers
  • Traffic and road safety engineers
  • Community and campaign groups


  • Standard rate: £215 + VAT
  • TPS/CILT rate: £175 + VAT
  • Registered Charity and community group rate: £99 + VAT

New 2 places for the price of 1 offer on all bookings

Further Information

PTRC Education and Research Services Ltd.
1 Vernon Mews
Vernon Street
London W14 0RG

Phone: 020 7348 1979
Fax: 020 7348 1989
Email: julia.sharp@ptrc-training.co.uk
Web site: www.ptrc-training.co.uk

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Time Event Speaker
0830 - 0900 Registration  
0900 - 0910 Welcome by Conference Chair Phil Moore (Senior Vice President TAG)
0910 - 0930 Video address Norman Baker Secretary of State for Transport
Session 1 : Technical Matters
0930 - 0950 Would a local authority, when reviewing its speed limits, be negligent if it did not introduce area-based 20mph schemes? Robert Huxford - Co-Author of the UK Guide on Highway Risk and Liability Claims
0950 - 1010 Monitoring at the margins: methodological difficulties in detecting effects from 20mph zones John Parkin, London South Bank University
1010 - 1030 The impact of 20mph limits on carbon emissions and air quality Duncan Kay, Ricardo
1030 - 1045 Q&A  
1045 - 1110 Refreshment Break  
Session 2 : Local campaigns and community involvement
1110 - 1130 Campaigning on 20mph: A European Perspective Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England
1130 - 1150 Putting people first – a campaigner’s perspective Kevin Ambrose
1150 - 1210 Maximising Value for Money in 20mph Implementation Anna Semlyen Campaign Manager, 20’s Plenty for Us, BA, MSc Health Economics (York)
1210 - 1230 Providing an organisational perspective: City of 20, Living Streets’ campaign for 20mph in London Tom Platt, Living Streets
1230 - 1245 Q&A  
1245 - 1330 Lunch Break  
Session 3 : Implementation
1330 - 1350 Implementing 20mph limits in Brighton Emma Sheridan, Brighton & Hove
1350 - 1410 Places for people – using a co-production approach to engaging communities in 20mph Nicola Wass Partner So-mo
Session 4: Impact on health and future
1410 - 1430 Place, Evidence, Preference, Public Health and 20mph Dominic Harrison, Joint Director of Public Health
1430 - 1450 How do we make accurate speed judgments and why do we sometimes make errors Catherine Purcell, University of Wales
1450 - 1510 Progress to date on 20mph limits and future expectations Rod King, Founder & Campaign Director,
20’s Plenty for Us
1510 - 1530 Q&A  
1530 - 1535 End from Conference Chair  
1535 Site Visit Coventry City Centre 20mph Zone Chris Young, Coventry City Council



For further details please email us at info@20splentyforus.org.uk or see our contact details here