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You can now join with citizens across the EU in making all of our communities better places to be.

The European Citizen's Initiative is a new opportunity within the EU for "citizen's" to directly influence considerations by the commission.

20's Plenty for Us have been working with similar organisations across Europe to be one of the very first initiatives under this new scheme.

Our "30km/h - making streets liveable!" proposition is :-

We suggest a 30km/h (20mph) EU-wide default speed limit for urban/residential areas. Local authorities may set other speed limits if they can show how environmental and safety needs of the most vulnerable road users are met.

and this is based upon the following objectives :-

The EU has clear road safety and environmental goals but these are not yet met. A 30km/h (20mph) standard speed limit would help to implement them more efficiently as it has proven successful in reducing injuries and fatalities, noise, air pollution and CO2 emissions, and improving the traffic flow. People can travel with less fear. Environmentally friendlier modes become more attractive. To meet the subsidiarity principle, the local authorities must have the final decision to set other speed limits on their roads and implement equivalent alternatives to meet the goals

The full details of the initiative may be found at the website at www.30kmh.eu. The actual petition may be signed from there or by the following :-

  1. Click here to open the ECI website page
Open the ECI page
  1. Click on the Support button. It looks like this

In order for the EU commission to consider this proposal then we have to gain 1m signatures across Europe by 12th Nov 2013.

20's Plenty for Us will be co-ordinating the campaign for this in the UK where we need to gain at least 54,750 signatures. We are confident that with the aid of our many supporters and other organisations then this can be achieved.

You can also download a paper petition and get this signed by family, friends, acquaintances and other supporters. The only requirement is that they have to be UK nationals and aged 18 or over

Once signed then please send any petitions off to our UK address as shown on the petition form Download UK paper petition

Here is our 68 second video on the initiative and how you can sign the petition:-


For further details please email us at info@20splentyforus.org.uk or see our contact details here