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Portsmouth, Oxford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Islington, Hackney, Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset, Warrington, Southwark, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Lancashire, Chichester, Glasgow City, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton & Hove, Middlesbrough, Camden, Waltham Forest, City of London, Greenwich, Wigan, Rochdale, Otley, Bury, Bolton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Lewisham, Coventry

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Portsmouth has already implemented 20 mph as the default speed limit for all residential roads except those on main roads.

Norwich and Oxford City Council have also announced that they will be implementing a similar scheme.

Most of Northern Europe now has 30 kph (18.5 mph) as the default for residential roads and urban areas and enjoy far greater safety for vulnerable road users than in the UK.

20's Plenty For Us now calls upon all Local Authorities to implement this sensible and life enhancing initiative to make their towns and cities a better place for their residents.

The time has come to recognise that any delay simply increases the toll of killed and seriously injured on our roads and continues the fear that children and adults have of walking and cycling on our roads.

All Local Authorities should recognise that the time has come to identify "how they can" deliver the benefits of a more civil society. Council Officers, Police and Politicians should work together to set local speed limits that fully take into account the needs of vulnerable road users.

Tinkering with "pilot" schemes will demonstrate very little and "schools only" policies will fail to protect children away from school where they are most vulnerable.

The time has come to stop maintaining high vehicle speeds at the expense and cost of pedestrian and cycling mobility.

The culture has changed in the UK and the public are overwhelmingly in favour of lower speeds where they live. Many Local Authorities throughout the country are responding to that change and looking to understand how the latest guidelines can be used as a basis for speed reduction.

But now is not the time for caution and procrastination. If we are serious about our responsibilities as Councillors, Council Officers or Police, we must move forward on 20's Plenty for all residential roads in a timely manner and by 2010.

The 20th October will be  a planned day of action when communities will set out to remind their Local Authorities of the need for progress to be made.



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